The Basics

100% of the profits raised in the Good Goods campaign will go to Save the Children - to save children’s lives and build better futures all over the world.

Save the Children does whatever it takes to get clean, safe water to the children that need it, as well as other life-saving essentials to help children thrive.

We do whatever it takes to make sure children survive, get protection when they’re in danger, and have the chance to learn. In 2017, we helped 13 million children. Learn more about our work here.

Save the Children works in 68 countries around the world helping children in the world’s toughest places. The money raised from the sale of the Good Goods notebooks could help bring essential food, healthcare, education, and protection to millions of children around the world who are missing out.

For Sellers

This campaign is designed for people who want to do something to save children’s lives today – but who want to do something a bit different than run a race, hold a bake sale, or ask for sponsorship. Selling Good Goods Notebooks is a way for you to ask your friends and family to support the cause you believe in, while getting something back for their donation at the same time. In turn, by using their Good Goods Notebooks, they’ll be helping to promote the campaign, encouraging more people to get involved.

Put simply - because we need you! These days there are a lot of charities all talking about the great work they do, so sometimes it can be hard to be heard. By signing up as a seller in the Good Goods campaign and asking your friends and family to buy a notebook, you are making a really valuable connection between Save the Children and the people you know. As you are a trusted voice, asking your friends or family to support Save the Children helps us open new conversations, and cut through some of the background noise.
Whether you sell 2 notebooks or 20 notebooks, every penny counts and we’re grateful for all your efforts. Setting a fundraising target can be really motivating not just for the fundraiser, but to help motivate your friends and family to support you
This means that your buyer has ticked the ‘remain anonymous’ box when placing their order - meaning we aren’t able to display their information. Don’t worry, their details are safe and they will still receive their order. But unfortunately, we aren’t able to pass this information on due to data protection issues.
Please email goodgoods@savethechildren.org.uk with the details of the problem, and we’ll do our best to get this sorted ASAP.
Please email goodgoods@savethechildren.org.uk with your question, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

We’re afraid we’re unable to provide samples because of the cost.

Your buyers will receive their order within 28 days of placing their order.
Unfortunately not – partly because we won’t have the stock in time, and partly because the campaign has been designed for the notebooks orders to be dealt with centrally.
Unfortunately the only way we can take donations for this campaign is through your personal shop page. If you know the buyer well, one workaround is for you to place the order / donation on their behalf.
If you have a tablet or an iPad, you could use this at your event as a way to sell notebook in the moment. Buyers could place the order there and then, without you having to share the link.

For Buyers

If the notebook(s) you receive are damaged or don't meet your expectations you may return the item or items you have purchased. Please tell us within 30 days of receiving your order by either emailing us at goodgoods@savethechildren.org.uk or calling us on 020 7012 6400. Please have details of your order to help identify your purchase. We may take some additional details to ensure you receive a new notebook.

If you require a refund, you will be refunded via the same method used for payment. Please allow up to 14 days for refunds to be processed.

The costs to produce each notebook varies, but as an example for each Good Goods Premium Notebook £5 is spent on the cost of the notebook, with £10 going to helping children around the world. We guarantee that 100% of the profits from Good Goods campaign will go to Save the Children.

Everyone will have their own reasons for buying a Good Goods notebook – perhaps:

  • You want to support your friend who is signed up as a seller
  • You need a new notebook and now you can buy one in aid of Save the Children’s work.
  • You want to help promote the campaign by using a notebook at work or with friends and family
  • You enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’ve helped make a difference for children

Maybe it’s all of the above – but whatever the reason, buying a Good Goods Notebook is a great way to support Save the Children, and to get a little something back for your donation too.

In essence, your donation purchases both the notebook for yourself, and education for children as well as other life-saving essentials. This isn’t typical charity merchandise where £1 or 10% of the sale price goes to the cause - and we know you can buy a notebook cheaper elsewhere. Good Goods Notebooks have been priced to raise as much money as possible for Save the Children. Why? Because this isn’t just about buying a notebook - the more money raised in this campaign, the more work Save the Children can do to help children in the toughest places. So, when your friend asks you to buy a notebook, they are asking for your support to help them raise funds to make a difference to children worldwide – not just to buy a notebook.

If your friend is fundraising in the Good Goods campaign, and you want to support them, you are welcome to make a donation instead of buying a notebook. You’ll find this option on the seller page – every donation is appreciated, large or small!

You can find other sellers on our home page – why not help boost someone’s target by buying from their page?

You will receive your order within 28 days of placing your order.
We will add a flat rate of £3.00 to your total order to cover postage and packaging costs. For international deliveries we will add £10.00. The delivery charge does not increase if you buy more than one notebook or change with different locations internationally.
Unfortunately not. Good Goods Notebooks are only available from people who have signed up as sellers in the Good Goods campaign.

Good Goods Notebooks are available for a limited time only. If you’d like to buy a notebook, you’ll need to do so before the campaign ends on 25th April 2019.

About the notebooks

We have a limited range of notebooks available. The details of the range are available on your Seller’s shop page.

The designs were inspired by a quote from Save the Children’s Co- Founder Eglantyne Jebb. She said “Save the Children is often told its aims are impossible- that there has always been a child suffering and there always will be. We know. It’s Impossible only if we make it so. It’s impossible only if we refuse to attempt it.”

The design is inspired by our founder’s belief in the rights of children, and our organisation’s belief that every child should be able to make their mark on the world and help to build a better future.

Information on notebooks sizes and features is listed on each seller’s individual shop page. If you have a question that isn’t answered there, please email goodgoods@savethechildren.org.uk and we’ll do our best to help!


Please email goodgoods@savethechildren.org.uk with the details of the problem, and we’ll do our best to get this sorted ASAP.
Please email goodgoods@savethechildren.org.uk, where we’ll be happy to help answer any questions that aren’t covered here.