This October it's what's not inside that counts

You sell the bottle. Kids get the water – and other life-saving essentials.

Join the Good Goods Campaign and create your own online shop in two clicks. Then simply share it with your friends and followers.

Together we’re helping children in some of the world’s toughest places to build a better future.

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Join the GoodGoods Campaign

Sign up as a seller, set up your online shop, share with your friends and followers.

Together, we’re raising money to provide emergency supplies for children caught in conflict.

35 days to go

Throughout October and November, our community of Good Goods sellers are raising money to make sure children get clean water and other life-saving essentials.

£13,355 raised of £100,000 target

How the Good Goods campaign works

How it works

What you do

Set up your Good Goods online shop, update it with your own message and fundraising target.

Share the link with your friends, family and social media followers.

How it works

What your friends do

Your friends click on your online shop and buy a Waterless Bottle, taking you closer to your fundraising target and making a big difference to children in the world’s toughest places.

How it works

What we do

We send the Waterless Bottles directly to every person who’s bought one.

The money raised from the sale of Waterless Bottles enables Save the Children to get clean water and other life-saving essentials to children who need it most.

Some of our sellers

Right now, one in six children in the world are directly affected by armed conflict.

But the thing that’s killing more children than any weapon? The lack of access to clean water – one of the essentials you’re making sure children can get.

In a conflict zone, clean water can be hard to come by. Water sources have been battered by persistent bombing, and often people can’t access enough fuel or electricity to power their water pumps.

But it’s even worse for children. They may have fled their homes in fear, and struggle to find water as they search for somewhere safer. Collecting water may be dangerous due to armed groups, or sometimes water points can be seized entirely and guarded by men with guns.

With the lack of water and the damage to sanitation systems, deadly diseases can quickly spread – killing children in their thousands.

The good news is that we can help

See the impact of buying a bottle

Whatever the situation, whatever the circumstance, we get clean, safe water – along with other live-saving essentials – to the children that need it.

10x bottles

The price of 10 Classic bottles could buy 37 jerry cans, enabling 37 Rohingya families to transport and store clean water in Bangladesh.

140x bottles

The price of 140 Classic bottles is all it takes to rehabilitate an existing well in Somalia, so it can once again provide 500 people with safe, clean water every day.

778x bottles

The price of 778 Classic bottles could pay for the construction of a traditional pond (birka) to store life-saving water for a community of 5,400 people in East Africa.

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